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Hi friends!

For the past couple of months I've been quietly working on the digital adaptation of LOK with the talented thinky video game developer Raindrinker (Constellations, Sneks) and we are really excited about it. "LOK Digital" will expand on the original paper puzzle premise with new puzzles, mechanics and game-breaking/paper-transcending twists.

It will come out next year. You can already wishlist it on Steam:

LOK Digital (Steam)

I'm really happy with LOK expanding into new formats. I see it as a natural continuation of the system; the book is an involved, slow-burning, sit-by-the-fire experience, while the digital adaptation will be an approachable, responsive, quick and fun game with additional mechanics that could be done only in the digital environment. Two sides of the same coin. On top of that, it's really enjoyable to work with Raindrinker, as he has great ideas and knows what works and what doesn't, not to mention his excellent programming skills. 


In other LOK news, LOK is now also available in Slovenian language (as a free PDF). Also, it's available in the physical tabletop/toy shop in Ljubljana ToJeTo. Also also, I'm making plans for the third print run, as the second one is already running out.

Wish you a great sunday!

Best, Blaž


LOK (Slovenska edicija - Slovenian Edition) (PDF) 32 MB
Oct 26, 2022


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