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Available in English, Japanese and Slovenian

LOK is a book of mind-bending word-search puzzles.

The goal of each puzzle is to find Lok keywords and use their special effects to black out all cells in a grid. On top of that, you must also figure out most of the rules by yourself, deducing them from the carefully crafted sequence of more than 90 puzzles, contained in the main storyline, 2 expansions and many off-page enigmas. The result is a deep and rewarding experience with surprising twists and insights.

  • more than 90 carefully hand-crafted puzzles
  • an ever-growing vocabulary of Lok words with special effects
  • surprising mechanics taught through practical solving
  • main storyline + 2 expansions + many little secrets
  • explained rules and solutions included

LOK is available as a physical book. It is spiral-bound and it includes a transparent sheet that can be placed over any page and drawn on with a dry erase marker. Solving puzzles on paper is the way that LOK is meant to be played. BUY IT HERE.

LOK is also available as a free PDF for everyone to enjoy . You can draw over the PDF with any drawing tool software - a good free drawing tool is Drawboard. You can also download the Japanese edition (translated by Competor) or Slovenian edition.


You can find me at www.blazgracar.com

Updated 15 days ago
CategoryPhysical game
Release date Jul 17, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorLetibus Design
TagsAbstract, Art Book, blocks, Board Game, mind-bending, Singleplayer, tablet, Top-Down, Word game
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, Slovene
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast, Interactive tutorial
LinksHomepage, Physical Book


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LOK (日本語版 - Japanese Edition) (PDF) 33 MB
LOK (Slovenska edicija - Slovenian Edition) (PDF) 33 MB

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this seems like such an interesting puzzle game! the art is also very pretty :)

Thank you very much, appreciated :)



I enjoyed it very much! It was a great puzzle game.

I made a Japanese translation of this game. If you are interested, please take a look. I hope you would be pleased.

ルール解読系パズル本「LOK」の日本語翻訳 / JP translation of the word search puzzle book "LOK" by Blaž Urban Gracar https://gomamisomix.hatenadiary.com/entry/2022/09/24/001012

I will also upload my Let's Play videos on my YouTube channel in the future. (Since I am speaking in Japanese, I know it will be difficult to understand!)

Anyway, good game!

Hi, Competor, this is great! Thank you for playing LOK and for translating it (and also for the kind words). I'm interested in making a Japanese edition PDF with your translation - if you agree, please contact me at blazgracar@gmail.com - there are some details I need to sort out beforehand.

Looking forward to the Let's Play videos, even though I won't understand them :D

Thanks again, I think it's fantastic that you took your time to translate it! Best, Blaž


OK I sent a mail!


When I solved puzzle 33 I was already hooked so I bought the digital file. I just reached chapter 6 and figuring the rule made go “Aaahhh!” so I came to purchase the physical book but unfortunately it’s sold out :(. Great job mate! I will surely keep my eye open for anything new (and old) by you! 

Glad to hear this! :) Thanks. Yeah, the response overwhelmed me a bit, I truly didn't expect to sell out, at least not so quickly... I will have another print run ready sometime in August - I hope there will still be some people interested in it when I'll have it!


Perfect. I am definitely in!


I just started playing this from a suggestion of a guy in a mechanical puzzle Discord group... really enjoying it so far!  I suggested Lineon to him, and then discovered they're by the same person!  You do great work!  Looking forward to more!

Very nice of you, phunknsoul, thanks! I really need to get back to Lineon and finish it, I feel like I learned some stuff while making LOK that would benefit it :)


So cute and evocative, and the puzzles are so clever!



This is awesome, big thanks for sharing.

I needed to translate the game so that my friends and family can play it too, not sure it was the easiest or best solution especially since your amazing presentation is lost in the process but I ended up just using a pen.

I am going to laminate the sheets but still scanned those to be sure I can still print more if needed, I still have to make the second half but here is how it looks in case you'd be intrigued (I guess at very least it shows the interest we have in your game) : https://imgur.com/a/G0ZX4D0

I solved the different chapter beginning examples on the go but haven't begun to dig the advanced ones, this will be ton of fun.

Thanks again!

This is so cool, CryptRat! :) I'm really surprised by the work you've put in! Please, send me the final scans so I can have them for my archive (blazgracar@gmail.com) - I might even use your translations for a French edition in the future, if you'll be up for it. I hope your friends and family will enjoy it :) Thanks!


I completed the translation (I did not look at the last sections, of course ;) ). I'm trying to send you a mail with the files but since I assume it won't work, whatever the reason, here are all the separate sheets either way (I guess imgur is not worse than some weird download link) : https://imgur.com/a/XlqV782.

I got the email, all good! :) Thanks!


Only just starting to solve these puzzles but I have to leave a comment because I can't believe nobody else has. This is such a fun-looking book, both with the puzzles and the aesthetic. Very excited to continue progressing through this world!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you, CyberneticSquid, much appreciated! :) I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the journey as much as you had enjoyed the beginning!